Privacy Statement of Staff Solution Consulting Kft

The website available under (hereinafter “website”) is a Staff Solution Consulting Ltd. (Established at 1163. Bp. Gordonka U. 23) Commercial Register number: 01 09 320373; Hereinafter referred to as “the controller”. This privacy statement includes rules for the processing of personal data concerning the website’s services and information about the handling of data. Applicants for Vacancy (hereinafter ‘ users ‘) accept the terms of this statement through the employment services.

I. Legislation

The data controller shall treat the user’s personal and other details confidentially in the submission of applications and CVS sent to him, according to the Hungarian legislation in force, with particular attention to the following legislation:

The 2011 on Information self-determination and freedom of information. Annual CXII. Act (‘ Infotv ‘)

Ii. General Data Privacy Principles

  1. The manager of personal data received and registered by email is Staff Solution Consulting Kft, and the data processor is not used.
  2. The purpose of dealing with your personal data, as part of A user’s job application or when applying to a database, is to use the Data Manager or the controller to provide additional, possibly non-resident To establish an employment relationship as a result of labour mediation activities carried out by the data controller, including the Data management. In order to ensure that the data management is in place, the controller places and manages the personal data of the users in the course of his job applications, which are maintained by him (hereinafter referred to as the “database”). Collects, stores, systemizes, uses, deletes), processes.
  3. The legal basis for the processing of data is that users are required by submitting a job application to manage and process their personal data for the purposes of the processing; Any subsequent transfer shall be based on the explicit consent of the user.
  4. By submitting a job application, or When requested into the database, the user agrees to place, manage (collect, store, organize, use, delete) and process the personal information provided in the database. In a job application, a controller requests only personal data from users that are indispensable to the purpose of achieving the purpose of the service.
  5. The minimum information to be entered in the application is as follows: Name, last name, e-mail address, telephone number, country of stay, city. The information may be given as part of a job application: Place and date of birth, degree, main occupation and professional experience in this field, other occupation, and professional experience and language skills acquired in this field. In addition to the listed items, you can attach A photo, CV, motivation letter or other relevant documents.
  6. Special information is provided in the user’s job application material (e.g. Information on the health status) for which the INFOTV. A written consent is required and shall be handled by the Controller only on the basis of the user’s written consent.
  7.  Personal data of the users can be used for statistical purposes, incompetent to personally identifiable information, and may be transmitted for statistical purposes without the user’s consent.
  8. You acknowledge that the controller does not commit any obligation to provide the user with the opportunity to contact him/her for employment or to be contacted directly by persons.
  9. The user agrees to inform the data controller of any job offers received in the database, or according to the information in his résicent, sent to the email address provided during the job application.
  10. The user agrees to send information to the data controller about his services to the e-mail address specified in the database.

Iii. Responsibility

  1. It is the responsibility of the user, in respect of the personal data entered into the database to register/job submission, to reflect the true state of the current situation and to contain any misleading information Education, professional experience, language skills and personal qualities. User acknowledges further that the Controller does not assume any liability for any damages arising from the misrepresentation, inaccuracy or impossibility of any personal information provided by the user.
  2. User acknowledges that if you suspect the data manager has a basis, or it is clear from the personal data placed in the database that the personal information contained in the database contains unreality, the data controller You have the right to remove the deposited personal data from the database without any consideration.
  3. You exclude the reimbursement of any damages arising from the unavailability of the website.

Iv. Duration of data management

  1. The duration of data management depends on the purpose of the processing:
  2. The Data Manager shall retain, in the event of an ineffectual recruitment or for the successful recruitment of staff, until the written request for cancellation of the user.
  3. The user may request deletion of his/her personal data at any time from the controller, within 8 days of receipt of the data manager’s personal data.

V. Exercise, redress

  1. User can always request information from the controller about the treatment of personal data info @ staffsolution.. En. Upon request, the Controller shall provide detailed information concerning his data, the purpose, the legal basis, the duration and the data handling activities of the management. The information controller shall provide the user with a written notice in the shortest time from the date of filing of the application, but not more than 30 days in writing.
  2. User may at any time request rectification or erasure of personal data. It is necessary to adjust the data controller that is not correct. The Infotv. The controller shall also, in accordance with its provisions, delete the user’s personal data if:
    • The treatment is unlawful,
    • The user requests
    • Incomplete or incorrect – and this condition cannot be corrected lawfully, provided that the deletion is not prohibited by law,
    • The purpose of the data management has ceased to be, or the data storage period has expired,
    • It was ordered by the court or by the Data Protection Supervisor.
  3. User is opposed to handling his/her personal data. In addition to suspending the processing of data, the controller shall be obliged to examine the objection as soon as possible after the application has been lodged, and in no more than 15 days, and to inform the user in writing. If the protest is well founded, the controller must terminate the data management, including further recording and data transmission, and to lock out the data, and to inform them of the protests or the measures taken in pursuance thereof All those for whom personal data concerned by the protest had previously been transferred and who are obliged to take action to enforce the right of protest. If a user disagrees with a decision of the data controller, he may apply to the Court of Justice within 30 days of its notification.
  4. You may assert your right to protection of personal data of a user before a civil court or with the assistance of the EDPS, as specified in the INFOTV